How We Met

Hi, I'm Brittany!

I am so excited to meet you! Let me start by sharing that I am an over-achieving enneagram 3, but I'm working on enjoying each day as it comes, making time for Jesus first, and taking time to intentionally rest. Some days that is easier said than done.....


I am 24 years old and I live with my husband and 2 dogs near Boise, Idaho. I used to live in Oregon, but I went to college over here and ended up staying here! Most of my family ended up following me along the way, which I am super grateful for. I teach math to 7th graders, or more like I teach them how to be a kind humans that can have some sass here and there....but some days are unsuccessful.


More recently, I have "encountered" a new love. I'm not even sure if I can sum it up into one sentence, or even one paragraph, but I'll give it a shot. It started when I saw a sweet friend share about ingredients, specifically in household products, such as your cleaner. I started researching ingredients in just about everything and I was....for lack of a better word....disgusted. I ordered Young Living's Thieves line, and have never looked back! Little did I know that that moment would be the start of a big journey, that I feel a fire in my soul to share with each and every one of you!

Hi There, I'm Vanessa!

There is so much to learn about me but, I will start off with the basics. I absolutely love talking, researching and building my own perspective, a good weekend trip to the books store and coffee shop, and a good Netflix binge. If you can crack a good joke, we’re instantly friends. Trust me you will learn so, so much more about me along the way! I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my boyfriend and two fur-babies, Hachi and Bons. I’m in the talent acquisition space for one of the largest employers in the world. I love this field because it gives me the opportunity to talk (one on my fav things to do) and build relationships. It’s been a wild ride living in the Bay Area but if it weren’t for living here, I would not have met all the people that have been essential to seeing this whole new side of health.


My journey started in 2014 with chronic illness, pushed through undergraduate studies at San Francisco State University and diagnosed in 2018 with Hashimoto’s disease. Along the way I learned so much about the importance of what is around us and what we put in, and on, our bodies. I began this, what I thought at the time, crazy holistic journey to heal. Although living with an autoimmune disease is less than favorable, I am actually quite grateful for it because it has opened my eyes in so many ways. I encountered this beautiful side to health and self-care. I am now sitting here nearly 1 year later medication free.


I am so ready to share all my knowledge with you! I did endless hours of research and now its time to dive into - The Health Encounter.


So grab a good bottle of wine and buckle up.


Always remember, you are the gate keeper to your home and body.

Talk about a throwback! We met way back when (feels like centuries ago) in Oregon when we were just little girls! In middle school we became office aides and built an amazing friendship. So many endless memories in that office of Obsidian Middle School! Later down the line, time and adulting took over, Vanessa moved to California and Brittany moved to Idaho. Staying connected over social media, we both started posting about nontoxic living, the truth behind products, and health. . . BOOM, we landed in constant communication via DMs. One thing led to another and Brittany introduced Vanessa to Thieves products and the rest is history.


Then, one day, Vanessa had this wild idea pop into her head about spreading this great pool of knowledge we both have and here we are — Podcast and Website. From miles and miles away we are working to get all of this amazing content out to every single one of you!


How about that for a background to The Health Encounter;)