Book Club 

Taking Charge of Your Fertility

I relied a lot on this book to help me through the process of getting off birth control and learning about the fertility awareness method (FAM). This is also an amazing resource to have when you are ready to get pregnant too! This book is broken up into different sections that you can use to reference at whatever point in life you are at!

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Every human should read this book! Darin Olien writes about the 5 simple forces to keep us healthy and free from illness. We learned about everything from how common it is to be under hydrated to keeping an alkaline internal environment.

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One Size Fits None

Have you ever heard about regenerative agriculture? You don't need to be a farmer to love this book. In fact, I think every consumer should read this to learn about how the unfortunate effects of conventional farming and the incredible benefits of regenerative farming. Not only for us, but also for our planet. 

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Don't Keep Your Day Job

This was the book that pushed us to start a podcast! We can't say enough good things about this one and we love how much it prompts people to pursue their passion project. 

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Essential Oils Desk Reference 

Love oils and want to know all of the oily uses?! This book is it. It goes from teaching you the background of essential oils, to application and usage techniques, to an amazing dictionary-like look up for ailments and the aligning oil usage. This book is definitely a treasure!

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The Other End of the LEash

Although this does not have to do with our health, it does have to do with the mental health and well-being of our fur-babies. If you are a seasoned fur-parent or new, be sure to pick up this book. It covers dog psychology, helps you understand why and what they are thinking, and how to build your trusting relationship with them. Jump into the new perspective on our relationship with dogs.

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Essential Oils Animal Desk Reference 

Similar to the Essential Oil Desk Reference except for our beloved fur-babies. This book has saved us a time or two with our fur-babies health troubles.

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The Four Agreements

Now, this book bounces of those thoughts in on our mind. This book transforms your life into new experiences of freedom, happiness, and love through revealing the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering. Everyone should read this book at least once.

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