Join us on this wild ride

It has been many months in the making.

Brittany and I never imagined that we would be starting a podcast and sitting behind mics on a routine basis. But, here we are! The book that lit the inspiration inside us was Don’t Keep Your Day Job by Cathy Heller. This book really showed us that making a living off of your passion is possible. So, in short, that is what we are here to do.

Our main reason for starting this podcast is to bring attention to topics that are not typically discussed and bring truth and transparency to everyday life. I have lived a life filled with health challenges but started uncovering the impact of daily habits on my body. I embarked on an aggressive research journey on alleviating my body of all these nasty symptoms simply by changing habits. Brittany started her journey with clean living primarily by curiosity that turned into a passion.

So on top of all the usual quarantine roadblocks, Brittany and I have another challenge stacked on top . . . Distance. Since we live states away, we have conquered time zones, busy work lives, busy personal lives and a whole lot of fur babies in the mix.

Somehow along with all of the other things going on in our lives, we have managed to work our butts off to bring you The Health Encounter. We started with all of these ideas in our heads but needed to figure out how to organize it and bring it to you through episodes. It is no lie that the beginning of this journey was filled with confusion and many questions.

First off, figuring out which mic to purchase was probably one of the biggest headaches. If you know anything about Libras, you know that they are super indecisive (That’s me!).

Next up, figuring out the website and how all things internet work. This piece is still a work in progress.

After that, we got our brains together and pulled all of the research we have done into something that is understandable to the newcomer and seasoned member of the clean living fam.

Overall, I think our biggest aim is to bring you guys topics that are understandable, concise, fun and real. We are not perfect, we do not live perfect clean lives but, we understand the impact of our actions and habits and want you to be able to make educated decisions. It’s about working together and learning together in a way that is easy for our lifestyle.

This is our very first time bringing content that is so ‘official’ to all of you amazing humans. There will be mess-ups along the way, laughs, tears, and so much good content.

We want you to be a part of this journey, so please submit topic suggestions and feedback. We are open mind and ears. We would love to cover topics that you are interested in or curious about.

We are so excited you are here!

With lots of love,


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