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The Kindness Encounter


Our next episode just launched, it’s called: Our Top Natural Living Fails & it definitely made us laugh! Also, I’m working on not saying like a million times....I’m not going to be perfect at this right away so give me a break lol ♡

On this episode, you should hear us talk about our new segment: The Kindness Encounter!

Each week, be on the lookout for a picture that says: Kindness Encounter. When you see it, tag a friend and tell us why they should be the person to receive a little pick-me-up that week! You can even just write one word! This can be found on our Instagram or Facebook.

Health is about more than just physical health. We want to encourage, build up, support, and be kind to one another, which is why we wanted to include a kindness segment.

Help us bless someone! On Friday we will pick a person to Venmo $5 to. If they don’t have Venmo, we will figure something else out. Go spread some kindness ♡

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